A guide for Geometric Terracotta planter pots

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A concierge request to find some similar looking terracotta pots to some she loved from West Elm.

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Concierge Request

I like these pots from West Elm, but they’re out of stock. Can you find any other geometric print terra cotta pots (either an individual pot or a set) like these?

One of our concierge users was looking for a certain terracotta pot from West Elm. Unfortunately, they are in high demand and seem to go out of stock a lot. As we started hunting around, we were disappointed in the quality of a lot of Geometric pots on big box retailer websites. They almost always looked appealing in the product photos, but upon further digging, they didn't hold up. So we've put together a guide on how to find high quality Geometric terracotta pots and if that fails, how to make your own! Here's your options if you're searching for terracotta pots like these.

Option 1 - Play around with West Elm

West Elm seemed to have the only reputable Geometric terracotta pots around. Most of these pots are backordered or out of stock. However, we recommend at least playing around with the website because there some work arounds that might make it available depending on where you live.

For example:

  1. Both the medium and small pot are in stock for pickup at certain locations (even though they aren't available online).
  2. Sometimes, the large pot was in stock and shippable.
  3. Contact their customer service on their live chat (or a call). They had some insight into the restock times and told us that they might show up on the store around June.


Option 2 - Custom Pots

There are numerous designers on Etsy who do painted terracotta pots. That being said, there are only a few that specialize in the Geometric look. Here's our top pick with solid reviews.

Hooked and Hung Custom Terracotta Pots - $5.80 - $30


Product Summary

Hooked and Hung has some level of customization so you can adjust the color of the squares, pattern, how much terracotta to expose, and the pot size.  When you start placing the item in your cart, there's usually a little "customize" box so you can let them know what you'd like to adjust. Alternatively, you can use the box in the top right to contact the seller and they can make a version of the West Elm Pots.

  • Dimensions: Small 1.5 inch pots all the way up to 7 inches (the West Elm pot Large is a 7 inch pot for reference).
  • Features: Custom made to order and water resistant sealant applied to protect for safe indoor and outdoor potting.
  • Reviews: 5 star avg. (1,000+ reviews across their products!)

Here's a few select reviews from their customers:

 Absolutely beautiful plant pot. There are lots of hand painted pots to choose from on Etsy now but none as perfect as these. Really lovely quality, super cute design and I got to choose my own colour combination. Thanks so much!

Beautifully painted pots and trays, the quality on the finish is gorgeous.They’re absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to fill them with lots of little plants! Thanks so much I will definitely be buying more

About Etsy + Hooked and Hung

They're a reputable marketplace for people who sell arts and crafts. On Etsy, the return policies are different for each seller. In the case of Hooked and Hung, because it's custom, they don't allow returns. They are also based in the UK.  While people have mentioned that they arrive very quickly given the circumstances (average 5-10 business days), returns are going to be challenging so it's something to keep in mind.

Here's all of Hooked and Hung's products on Etsy

Option 3 - Arts and Crafts

If all else fails or if you want to save some money, you can make your own pots with some painters tape and a bit of creativity! This would be a bit out of my own comfort zone, but considering they are color-blocked/geometric shaped, this could be a fun cost-saving option that's not overly complicated.

After doing some research, these are the pieces you'd need to get started painting your own Geometric Terracotta pots. In total, it would add up to about $55.92.

Quick Steps to craft geometric terracotta pots

  1. Thoroughly clean the pots before you get started (water will do). Let them dry.
  2. Use some painters tape to color block just like the West Elm ones or print out a simple triangle pattern from google, cut the triangles out, and wrap around the terracotta pot. The trays of these amazon pots you can just  paint completely white to get the desired look.
  3. Time to paint! Let them dry thoroughly.
  4. Now you seal it up to 3 times.

Here's a quick video of someone making a geometric one - https://youtu.be/fNGQwVzXoa8?t=88

Other Sites Checked

As always, we check tons of other sites to save you time. Here are the sites where didn't find a high quality geometric terracotta pot - AllModern, Amazon, Anthropology, Article, CB2, Crate and Barrel, Etsy, Ikea,Hems, Holistic Habit, Jungalow, Pigment, Pottery Barn, Room and Board, The Sill,Target, Urban Outfitters Home, Wayfair, West Elm, 54Kibo.