Best Bedside tables with storage

A concierge request to find the best bedside table with storage for under $400.

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ConciergeAugust 22, 2023

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Concierge Request

Finding a bedside table with a drawer to store books and a place to set a watch and phone to charge on top. Perhaps also a plant. The customer prefers more natural or light color scheme than darks and doesn't want it to feel too bulky. The budget for this is $400.

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Top Pick

1. Lil something Bed Side Table by Blu Dot - $397.43 (including shipping)


Product Summary

Unique, airy, and decently sized. This is a very functional side table from a stellar furniture company. Some assembly required.

  • Dimensions: 19 inch height x 14 inch width x 13 inch depth.
  • Discounts: None as of April 28, 2021.
  • Features: Cord management escape.
  • Materials: Wood with white oak veneer top and powder-coated steel base.

About Blu Dot

Blu Dot consistently gets great reviews for customer service, returns, and warranties. They're a well known collective of designers that manufacture their own furniture.

Similar Products

Runner Up (Slightly over budget)

2. Lenia by Article - $435.81 (including shipping)


Product Summary

Traditional Mid-century Modern. It's made out of great materials and has a lotof space. A bit out of budget though when accounting for shipping. Some assembly required.

  • Dimensions: 24 inch height x 20 inch width x 15 inch depth.
  • Discounts: Article doesn't offer any.
  • Features: 2 drawers that soft-close.
  • Materials: Wood and veneered white oak.
  • Reviews: 5 star average (9 reviews).

About Article

One of the first major direct to consumer furniture brands.  Their products willlast for years and they have a solid return/warranty

Budget Pick

3. Hemnes in Gray by Ikea - $135.95 (including shipping)


Product Summary

Traditional and affordable. This night stand covers the basics with a shelf,small drawer, and surface area on top. Assembly required.

  • Discounts: None as of April 28, 2022.
  • Dimensions: 27 inch height x 14 5/8 inch width x 13 3/4 inch depth.
  • Materials: Pine with acrylic lacquer.
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars (228 customers).

About Ikea

Solid prices for what you're getting. It may not last forever, but they have generous return policies.

Notes on your search

  • The cost of lumber in the US has gone up significantly. Ikea, CB2, Article, and other brands are experiencing 2 - 3month delays for shipment for some products.
  • All products mentioned here are in stock and ready to ship.

Other Sites Checked

Wayfair is very hit or miss. A lot of their product photos are rendered  making it difficult to define color and quality. They have a major sale  going on as of April 28, but that means that a lot of the products that were  applicable to this search were already out of stock.  Wouldn't recommend  looking.

No matches found - Bend Goods, Burrow, Campaign, Caramba, CB2, Civil,  CrateandBarrel, Design within reach, Dims, Flynn, Joybird, Room and Board,  Schoolhouse Electric.