Best massage gun under $150

Finding the best massage gun without a budget. Something with a lot of attachments included so you don't have to buy a bunch of extra parts.

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ConciergeSeptember 1, 2023

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Concierge Request

I'm looking for a good massage gun, but I don't want to spend more than $100 to $150 (at most). I have an out of whack back, so I'd like it to include attachments that help with sore muscles and fixing that issue.

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Our Pick

Sportineer Percussion Massager ($100)

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Product Summary

A solidly made percussion massage tool with all the attachments you could need for working through knots.

  • Expert Opinion: Voted one of the best value massage guns by CNet and a few other reputable electronics
  • Features: Long battery life, 6 attachments, low noise from people who purchased it.
  • Reviews: 5 star average (1000+ reviews). Ran it through a review checker to  make sure they were real!
  • Materials: Wood with white oak veneer top and powder-coated steel base.

About Sportneer

Sportneer certainly isn't as well known as Theragun or Hypervolt, but it's waymore affordable and does the same thing.  Ordering from Amazon means you'll getan easy return policy to deal with if you have any issues.

Other Information

Notes on your search

  • The first percussion massager to really hit the consumer market was the Theragun.  However, the original Theragun (and most follow up massager tools) are based on modifying a jig saw (powertool) with a rubber attachment.  Paying upwards of $500 dollars for one of those is just not worth it and more of a marketing scheme than anything else. We recommend the Sportneer based on reviews, comparison videos, and our own experience with massage tools.
  • Massaging your back - All massage tools make the back a little difficult to reach.  If you're looking to work on muscles in your mid-back, you might need a partner to apply the massage tool!
  • Mini message gun - you could consider going this route, but attachments will be limited and it may not be powerful enough for tough knots in your back.