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A concierge request for outdoor chairs that are stackable and green in color.

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Concierge Request

I'm looking for a stackable outdoor chair like this one from FloydHome in a green color. preferably under the cost of Floyd's.


Floyd makes some excellent furniture, but they are certainly expensive! I've looked across hundreds of stores to try to find the best outdoor stackable chairs close to the look and feel of the one you provided from Floyd.

Note - Spring is a bit more expensive when it comes to buying outdoor furniture, but there are usually memorial day sales if you're willing to wait until the end of May. In addition, some brands offer 30 day price matching so even if you buy now, if the price drops in a few weeks, you can snag the difference.

Without further ado here are the closest matches we found across reputable furniture sites.

Top Picks

1. Lucinda chair by CB2 - $64


About this chair

I know, I know.....it's not an exact match on color, but it's darn close! Across the hundreds of sites I visited, this was the closest on color, style, and material I could find. Here's a bit more information.

  • Materials: Iron with matte powder coated finish.
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars with 53 reviews.

I got two of these for my small kitchen and love their sleek and minimal look. Other reviews have said they aren't good for sitting for long periods of time, which may be true, but I find them perfect for the time I spend having a meal and haven't experienced any discomfort.

Bought these chairs last season and they still look great! Note that they were stored inside during the winter but other than that they were outside in spring and summer. Stack well for convenient storage.

About CB2

A modern variation of Crate and Barrel and owned by the same company. They are headquartered in Chicago. They have a great return policy of 90 days after receipt.

2. Metal stacking chairs by West Elm - $209 (for 2)


About these chairs

A recurring theme in this concierge request is that the color is hard to match, so let us know if we're way off the mark. However, we couldn't pass up sharing this discounted set of chairs with you. If you need more than 2 though, you may have to look at a few of their full price ones ($299 for 2).

  • Materials: Metal with a powder-coated finish.
  • Reviews: Unfortunately, West Elm doesn't have reviews on their site, but we trust their quality.

About West Elm

West Elm was founded in 2002 and is owned by Williams-Sonoma based in SF.  They also own Rejuvenation and Pottery Barn. They design most of their products in-house in New York and hand craft their furniture here in the US. Out of all the furniture retailers, West Elm was one of the first to meet the criteria for most sustainable US companies and has maintained their position for the past 4 years. Look for "Greenguard" labelled fabrics on their website if that's something you'd like to invest in. They have a solid 30 day return policy so long as there isn't wear and tear.

Close, but not quite

This is our list of products that just weren't close enough to your requirements for us to recommend, but maybe they'll surprise you!

3. Sjalland chair by Ikea - $57


About these chairs

Ikea is a bit of a cliche, but we can't deny that they have greatly priced products and they are usually higher quality than things we find on Wayfair and Amazon. This product has the weather-resistance, is made of aluminum, and has a similar design. The main reason this isn't a match is because it isn't available in the right color and it has some wood slats on it. You could consider throwing some colored seat cushions on this though and then you can swap them out whenever!

  • Materials: Aluminum frame with hardwood seat/back.
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars with 41 reviews.

About Ikea

They were founded in 1943 in Sweden. They remain one of the biggest lumber consumers in the world. They have an amazing 365 day return policy for unopened items.  You can return opened products for up to 180 days for a full refund. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

4. Luther metal chair by CB2- $229


About this chair

Made out of a sturdy steel frame, these Euro-style chairs look fantastic. We felt the color was a little bit off (it's a teal) and the price just wasn't compelling enough for it to be our top option, but they are great chairs.

  • Materials: Steel frame with powder coated finish.
  • Reviews: This is a newer product, so there aren't reviews yet, but we trust CB2's quality on most products.

About CB2

A modern variation of Crate and Barrel and owned by the same company. They are headquartered in Chicago. They have a great return policy of 90 days after receipt.

Others to consider

High quality products, but further from the mark that you were looking for in terms of color, style, or price.

5. Swanson side chair by Rejuvenation - $189


Love the chair, but not available in the right color!

6. Suzy dining chair by Industry West - $250


Industry west is a awesome brand, especially when it comes to metal furniture. They didn't have the right color and the price was the same as Floyd's.

If you like this chair, but want vertical slats, try this alternative. Same price and colors.

7. Sabrina outdoor chair by Room & Board - $199


This chair by Room and Board wasn't quite the right style and the internet picture of the color looks more yellow than it does green to me. They list it as green though so if you like it, it might be worth exploring.

8. Decade chair by Blu Dot - $120


Unfortunately, this one is plastic, but if you're ok with that - it's a decent option.

9. Hot mesh chair by Blu Dot - $148 (on sale)


If you're ok going off the mark style wise, you might want to consider this mesh metal chair by Blu Dot.

Notes on your search

  • We cruised over 200 shops and marketplaces looking for similar chairs to the Floyd one you submitted. We hope this helps you save time! 
  • We generally don't recommend Wayfair and Amazon products for two reasons - you've probably already looked there and also the quality means a 50/50 shot that you need to return it.