Reviewing hobbyist greenhouses from small to large

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We're taking a look into all the stand alone greenhouses for hobbyists. We're reviewing our top picks for smaller and large greenhouses.

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Concierge Request:

Looking for a stand alone greenhouse. Budget is $200 for smaller, $500 for large structures. I'd like it with easy access, good sunlight, and good bug and dust protection. I'm hoping to store up to 10 plants/herbs/vegetables inside.

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Top Pick

1. Hobbyist Greenhouse by VegTrug - $179.99 on sale (including shipping, not tax)


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Product Summary

In terms of budget friendly, small footprint Greenhouse, this one is excellent. It's more than 5' tall and is made of real wood with adjustable slats for any type of plants you choose!

  • Dimensions: 2.3 ft width x 5.25 ft height by 1.6 ft depth.
  • Features: Adjustable slats for tall plants.
  • Reviews: 4.6 on (19 reviews) and 4.6 on Wayfair (55 reviews).

About VegTrug

VegTrug has been around for 11 years and has always been a designer and supplier of gardening equipment. They are well known amongst hobbyist gardeners. By buying this from WayFair, you'll have access to an a solid return policy and warranty.


  • You can attach their side table to this greenhouse for prep and plants you  don't want to protect.    

Runner Up (Slightly over budget)

2. Lean-to Greenhouse by Outsunny - $378.00 (including shipping)


Product Summary

Metal frame, walk in, and ventilation, this is truly the urban hybrid between hobbyists and serious gardeners. It's on the expensive side, but there aren't many other options at this size and quality.

  • Dimensions: 6.3 ft width x 7.25 ft height by 4.1 ft depth
  • Features: Door and ventilation.
  • Reviews: 4.8 stars (4 reviews).

About Outsunny

They make a myriad of outdoor equipment. While not specifically known for Greenhouses like VegTrug, they are a reputable manufacturer.  Wayfair's return policy will keep you from taking on too much risk with this purchase.

Notes on your search

  • We ran searches on Amazon, Wayfair, Vegtrug, Gardeners, Home Depot, Plantagreenhouses, Overstock, Walmart.  While there were some matches found for price, there weren't any for other elements like style, number of plants, and weather in your location.