The best furniture brands to spice up your home in 2020

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A guide to the best new furniture brands in 2021. We'll cover high quality, direct to consumer brands that deliver right to your door and have great customer reviews.

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Brands like Casper and Parachute have become household names by taking the middle-man out of bedding. However, traditional furniture and home decor brands have been a bit slower to catch on.  

If you're struggling with the same scenery day-in and day-out thanks to lockdown, we've got just the solution.  Here's a catalog of awesome direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands you should try. They'll deliver directly to your door and generally have clever packaging for some easy apartment corridor navigation.

Without further ado here they are in alphabetical order:

abc carpet and home stock

ABC Carpet & Home

As the name suggests, the focus on carpets and rugs, but they have a sizable amount of modern furniture.  Their on the pricier end, but they definitely have some interesting pieces that use materials/colors you won't find anywhere else in the list.



Out of the list, this is the one you've probably already head of.  They've been making a name for themselves since 2013 when they launched and helped pioneer DTC furniture.   Article's mission is to offer modern furniture at 30% less than traditional sellers.  If you haven't checked them out yet, definitely give them a try.


Blu Dot

Starting in 1997 by two architects and a sculptor, Blu Dot's style is distinct.  They don't churn out a ton of different designs, instead building pieces that are timeless Some have been in their collection for 20 years.



If you're worried about moving in or out a piece of furniture, Burrow's modular products might be the perfect fit.  Their brand is built around adaptable furniture that can grow & expand with your life.



With it's roots in the renter-heavy & tight living quarters of the Bay Area, Campaign set out to create furniture that could be assembled and disassembled without any tools.  In addition, you can swap out the materials of their furniture to switch things up without having to buy a whole new piece of furniture.


Capsule Home

Based in Los Angeles, Capsule aims to create multi-functional products with their team of in-house designers.

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Design Within Reach

As their name suggests, DWR's brand exists to make modern design accessible. They were founded in 1998 when it was simply impossible to buy classics in retail in the US. You had to venture to Europe or work with intermediaries. Now they're trying to make design easier to reach via the web.  No two pieces are the same on DWR so if you're looking for something exclusive on the pricier end, this is the place to go.



With a focus on sustainability, Dims designs fairly priced furniture that they call "new-century modern".  They recruit different designers to thoughtfully create each piece so that nothing feels cookie cutter. Their selection is small, mostly focusing on the essentials right now, but watch out for big things from this brand. Updated 2023 - looks like Dims might have closed.

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A Swedish independent design brand with an upscale taste. They were founded in 2014 in Stockholm.  They work directly with prominent home designers from pieces ranging from tables to lighting fixtures. If you enjoy sleek, Scandinavian styles, you'll love this brand.



Mid century modern designs with a strong focus on quality products. They have one of the wider selections of DTC brands out there with a lot of customizations that you'd expect from visiting a shop.  


Maiden Home

Each piece from Maiden Home is handmade to order from craftsmen in North Carolina. Their style is very timeless that should last based on how they are manufactured. Nothing looks generic here.



Heirloom pieces with an industrial style.  They started in 2003 with lighting which you can see still inspires a lot of their other designs.  Based in Portland Oregon, this is the best place to get some home decor that can accent any home.


The Inside

A heavy emphasis is placed on fabrics. They were founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing customizing fabric to furniture online.  You start off with the plain piece of furniture and the design it to your fancy.  They have thousands of fabrics and patterns to chose from which means there's something for even the most abstract home furnishing palettes.