The perfect wok for new chefs

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A concierge request submitted to Deft where we reviewed the best Woks in the market for people just getting into Wok cooking.

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Our pick

1. Carbon Steel Wok Bundle from the Wok Shop (SF)

Wok set from Wok shop

Product Summary

There is a lot of decision making that goes into Wok shopping.  Round bottom orflat, dome or flat lid, scrapers, patinas, and more. This bundle literally gives you everything you a high quality version of everything you need to get started.

Bundle includes:

  • 14 inch Carbon steel wok.
  • Aluminum Lid
  • 14" wok spatula and ladle.
  • 5" brass skimmer
  • Bamboo wok cleaning whisk
  • An extra steel steaming plate and tempura/deep fry rack
  • Wok Ring for cooking a round bottom on a Gas stove.

When you're checking out, select "Round bottom" and "Domed" lid.  Since this includes a wok ring, it'll work great on a gas stove and the domed lid provides extra room for traditional asian dishes which call for steaming large meats and vegetables.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wok! I’ve been wanting a wok for years, but never got around to getting one because I didn’t have time to learn to cook with it. One of few silver linings to being quarantined is an overabundance of time, so I took the plunge!

This product is amazing. I’ve bought two additional 14″ Carbon Steel Wok Set with Wood Helper Handle for my sisters as birthday presents. They are perfect cooking tools and will last forever. The instructions for seasoning are great and easy to follow. If you get a chance, you should also visit the store, it’s amazing and the shop keepers are extremely helpful.

Great set and makes a unique gift. I put in ordering comments that it was for my husband’s birthday and they included a really lovely hand written birthday card without me requesting it. It’s special touches like this why they’re still in business for over 40 years

About Wok Shop

In business for over 40 years in San Francisco, they come highly recommended byChinese chefs and are known for great customer service. They don't have anAmazon level return policy, but we believe their quality and customer service will make sure you're satisfied.

Search Notes

We did a lot of research to make this product suggestion. We didn't recommend other alternatives because frankly, there aren't any that are this great a deal and provide everything you need.  Yes - you could piecemeal a bundle on Amazon, but the hassle of selecting the configurations, making sure they are compatible, isn't worth the effort when there is already a great product bundle at a competitive price.

Other Sites Checked

Wokology, The Woks of Life, other independent asian cuisine blogs, TheStrategist, Amazon, Le Creuset, Williams Sonoma.

Happy cooking!!!!