Best Selling Standing Desks

A compilation of the most searched and highly recommended standing desks. Updated - Oct 2022.

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Upside Sit-to-Stand Desk

A simple, cost-effective sit stand desk. If you want to save some money, a lot of customers recommend just buying the base and having your own top made.



Uplift Standing Desk

A heavily marketed brand, but the quality is decent for the price. Most users love how customizable it is.



Fully Jarvis Desk

The primary differentiator here is the bamboo top wood (you generally have to upgrade to get that). The base is comparable to the other two top options on this chart.



Apex Pro

This one has been climbing the ranks on Reddit and other sites for having a rock solid base. It's a more premium option and something unique here is that you'll want to buy the base and a top separately (you can from DeckHaus though).



Steelcase Solo Desk

No frills and fairly easy to setup, this desk is a staple for those that like more minimal desks and brands.

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