Introducing Deft "Imagine"

By Interior Design AI from Deft ·

By Alex Gunnarson and Zach Hudson, cofounders


At Deft, we are constantly building tools to help our users make the hardest shopping decisions. Our search engine does a great job when you know what you’re looking for, but what if you don’t even know where to start?

A lot of us cruise social media before we’re struck with inspiration, but it’s hard to come up with a cohesive vision that way unless you’re an expert designer. The advent of AI tools has given us an amazing ability to quickly and cost-effectively “generate” our ideas in real-time, but we think it unlocks more than that.

What if we could turn our creative visions into reality?

Introducing Deft “Imagine”

Deft Imagine is our newest, state-of-the-art AI interior design tool. You can upload an image of your room or exterior, select a style, and instantly have it restyle your space.

If you don’t have a space you want to restyle, you can also make something completely fresh! Give it a prompt and some additional details, and it will render a photo-realistic version straight from your imagination.

The best part is that our tool goes beyond just generating an image. All of the images it generates are instantly shoppable. You can select products directly from the photos you generate and use our search engine to find them.

Deft Imagine before and after

Why it’s better than what’s on the market:

  • Accuracy: Deft “Imagine” better understands depth and perspective than all competitors we’ve tested. This makes it far more accurate when you’re restyling an existing room. It also uses our custom models, which output higher resolution renders and are more photo-realistic.

  • Free tier: We know firsthand how slow and expensive interior design services can be, so we made it free to use multiple times a week! While we do offer more generous usage and licenses to our premium users, we want everyone to be able to create something they love.

  • Shoppable: Deft “Imagine” is tied to real products. Other tools help you with the design, but you still have to search for hours to find the products to make it real (if they exist). We save you hours of search time and buyer’s remorse by making all generated photos shoppable.

  • Works with different mediums: Deft Imagine works with more than just photos. It does a great job with sketches, drawings, and architectural renders too - making it useful for industry professionals.



Looking forward

Online shopping is great for accessibility, but it’s hard to beat seeing a product in the real world. When you walk into a store, you immediately get a sense of the product much better than online. For expensive purchases, this is incredibly important. For example, you don’t want to ship a couch to your home only to realize it doesn’t fit the aesthetic and then have to go through the hassle of returning it.

At Deft, we envision solving that permanently for online shopping. The average shopper spends around 79 days trying to make a purchase over 100 dollars. Our aim with the Imagine tool is to make that process take minutes and for our users to have fun while doing it!

We’re excited about the improvements coming, and we hope that Deft can not only be a powerful tool for finding what you’re looking for, but also to inspire you!

Give it a try at and let us know what you think.